Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Service project Day 2---Wrestling and Me-Tristan Razzo 9yr old

     Day two of service project and Tristan and I are meeting at Galvan library where we will go online and begin to do online search of WWE content.  I found that most content is mature and not meant for kids and parents should be aware of what sites their kids are on.  That being said, I was able to help him navigate the WWE website and only view content that I felt was suitable for him to view.  As our search went on we were directed to WWE kids which is a very kid friendly site with a ton of content and activities for kids to view and participate in.  He did have fun on this site.  After several minutes of being online I directed him to search for videos about kids wrestling.  We went on YouTube and found several videos of kids wrestling.  Here is one with kids wrestling.  We found other videos and with kids wrestling and discussed dangers and possible injuries that could happen when kids wrestle at home.

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