Thursday, April 12, 2012

Digial Storytelling

   What is Digital Storytelling you ask?  Digital storytelling is using digital tools to tell a story. It can be interactive, use of digital cameras, movie maker, and other technology tools.
Digital story telling can include still images,Video clips,Voice over narration,Soundtrack Sound effects,titles, and Transitions.

   There are three types of digital storytelling that are used.  They are personal narratives, historical events, and stories that inform or teach.

   Teachers can use digital storytelling to enhance lessons and to make content more understandable through the use of technology which can also help the students retain knowledge presented and aids in comprehension. They can create their own stories, research topics, and give their ideas and opinions through digital literacy.  Global literacy, technology, visual, and information are some of the full compliment of literacy skills students develop that help to  research, write, and organize through the use of  technology.  They also learn to use presentation, interview, interpersonal, problem solving, and assessment skills.  
   Some problems can be that bad stories developed will lead to bad digital stories, also copyright issues, students being able to formulate sound arguments of educational material presented.
     Digital Storytelling is a valuable resource that will help teachers in the class present topics through the use of powerpoints, video, voice threads, and cell phones, pda, and other technology.  I know I have and will embrace technology to tell a story to the students and thus reach them on levels that they can relate to.

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