Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hello everyone, today I would like to talk about new forms of learning that will definitely help out in my classroom. Inquiry and Project Based Learning to be very helpful in this whole process. Inquiry-Based Learning is the way children learn through the process of involvement. I believe this is true because the best way that anyone can learn something is by hands-on activities that allows you to better understand the meaning and remember it as time passes by. This is also where the art of questioning comes into play, Why? What?... etc. These types of questions motivate the students to want to learn more about the certain topic at hand. Project-Based Learning is having the students placed in the middle of the learning process and them interacting with their surroundings in order to learn more. This type of learning, personally, I think is great because what better way to motivate students than placing them in the middle of the situation? It is known that we will remember 90% of what we do verses the 10% we do remember of what we hear. These stategies are great forms to teach students who should be shown these types of learning processes, and I strongly believe that Inquiry and Project based learning can greatly assist students learing. Every teacher should be able to include these learning processes into their daily lesson.

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